Community Bank of Dearborn

Community Bank of Dearborn

Community Bank of Dearborn is a financial institution aimed at enhancing of shareholder value under any circumstances. It attracts customers by providing superior service and a wide range of useful and profitable products. The clients may appreciate convenience of being served here provided by interaction of local ownership with community and customers. The bank has its own website with all the necessary information about its activity.

What is Community Bank?

If a commercial bank is owned and operated locally, it is called community bank. It means that the local working community is its owner. Banking analysts also define these banks as those, which have $ 1 billion in total banking assets. Such relatively small banking institutions work in particular areas being independent, in other words they are not connected with large banks in any way. As far as they are small, they are more flexible and make loan decisions considering the individual peculiarities of a business owner. At the same time the decision making procedure may take a while as far as a local committee considers small business loans and in big banks the computers are normally used for credit scoring. Small business loans usually demand a close and long-term relationship with a borrower. The bank should check his credit history and monitor him during the loan period and of course large banks just cannot afford being involved in such long and close relationship. They usually prefer impersonal interactions.

In USA Community Banks hold about 20 % of total deposits and at that they offer almost 60 % of loans for small business, which exist mostly due to bank loans. So, it is clear the significant importance of these financial institutions for American economics. Just imagine! In this country small business creates almost half of the domestic economy offering working positions for over half of workers in USA. They perform important roles providing relationship-based banking services consumed usually by small customers like family farmers and private depositors. The Community Banks are very important in rural communities and in some Federal Reserve districts, like Kansas City and Michigan.

What do we know about Dearborn?

In the State of Michigan there is a lovely city – Dearborn, located in Wayne County. This is the eighth largest city within this territory having population of about 98 153. In this city there are a lot of farmers because they founded settlement at the end of the 18th century coming in USA from France. Step by step the community turned to a manufacturing center for the automotive industry. Here famous Henry Ford was born and the world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company is situated. Here there is Henry Ford Community College and the Henry Ford indoor-outdoor museum complex. In this city there are a lot of financial institution including the largest credit union in Michigan serving Ford Company and its employees – DFCU Financial. Still Community Bank of Dearborn is very popular in the city offering the best services for its customers.

Offer of Community Bank of Dearborn

The backbone of Community Bank of Dearborn is trademark personal service. The bank employees spend their time to get to know every client personally and thus they can develop the most appropriate offer meeting the individual financial needs. The bank can provide with savings accounts without monthly maintenance fees if a client meets a range of particular requirements. Being small and local the bank can guarantee quite a lot of advantages and at the same time it provides the customers with service of high level just like a large bank. It offers digital banking performed through its site and mobile applications. There is a lot of digital banking tools are available. Thus a client can communicate with bank without any fuss: paying bills online, depositing a check, transferring funds and fulfilling other operations through his smartphone and during his everyday activity.  It simplifies banking for private customers and for businessmen. If there are any questions or difficulties with use of those mobile instruments everybody can turn to help center where a highly-educated and friendly specialist answers to common questions about digital banking solutions. The bank also offers merchant services providing credit and debit cards, which are intended to improve efficiencies and to reduce payment risk. Every client of the bank can benefit from the option of purchase mobility applying electronic checks and at that he receives the reports as to the transactions made by a user-friendly and reliable reporting system. Community Bank of Dearborn gives everybody a variety of settings for their software for payment process.

All the above described conveniences and even more services are available within this financial institution in disregard of its local existence.